Catwalk Lingerie Trends in 2014

Dressing fashionably is something we all like to do. By watching the models as they parade down the runways at the Paris, London, Milan and New York fashion shows, we get a glimpse into the glamorous world of haute couture – and wonder how on earth we can achieve those same looks?Last autumn the events showcasing clothes for 2014 aired more lingerie than usual. Trends showing our undergarments peeping through clothing and a general shift towards accentuating the feminine form have definitely started gathering momentum. Leading fashion designers, such as Stella McCartney and Dolce and Gabbana, teamed outfits with garments that borrowed heavily from lingerie styles, and lacy and ultra feminine fabrics were employed to great success.

We are living in pretty sexy times right now. Pop culture is alive with erotica, whether it’s in the Fifty Shades books or twerking musical starlets, and the fashion world is reacting accordingly. Taking the pulse of the cultural mood, style leaders are pushing things in a sensual direction.

Fashion shows with their edgy designers and sometimes outlandish costumes deliberately push the style boundaries, and this is where the most innovative and bold ideas get laid down. After the catwalk shows, the signature looks gradually filter down to the high street and the more mainstream designers attempt to interpret the new styles.

The world of lovely lingerie is never forgotten on the catwalks. Let’s be honest, beautiful lingerie is not really designed to be hidden under clothing, it’s created to be admired. With this in mind, in 2014 lingerie designers really go to town on the sexiest, skimpiest and most exquisite creations ever seen in the boudoir.

Trend spotters for lingerie brands have noticed a push towards the babydoll nightie in all its forms. Whether it’s cute and fresh in white poplin with a retro feel, or vampish and dangerous in dark silks and satins, sexy lingerie nighties are calling the tune in the bedroom this year.

Other trends include patterned fabrics for ultra-feminine bras and briefs. Lingerie lovers should look out for geometric and honeycomb designs coupled with sheer metallic fabrics and fine lacework and embroidery detailing.

The trend for wearing sexy swimwear on the outside will result in pieces that are finely decorated. Jewels, beading and sequins are becoming popular, as lingerie is adapting to a wider audience. Mixing formal day wear with a visible camisole in lace or vintage silk is no longer considered inappropriate and the rise in seamed stockings and fishnets for every day use is really taking hold.

Achieving current lingerie styles needn’t be expensive. A simple, sheer camisole with lace trim is easy enough to get hold of, and customizing it with pretty pearls, beads or sequins will lift it into another realm. Do the same with bras, briefs and nighties so they shimmer and catch the light. A corset or bustier coupled with jeans or skirt makes a fantastic evening outfit, combining fun, flirty and feminine all in one.

Oh yes, our love affair with lingerie has definitely been rekindled. Who knows where we go from here? The only certainty is that from now on, we will be seeing a lot more of lingerie… both in and out of the bedroom.

Global Lingerie Market

Global intimate wear market is estimated to be around $29.15 billion USD in 2004, $30 billion USD in 2007, and is further projected to increase at the rate of 9% to become $31.6 billion USD by 2012. Organized players constitute over 40% of the lingerie market currently. Branded lingerie market is further expected by industry experts to see a rise of 25% by 2010. Of the total global lingerie sales, bras account for 56%, briefs at 32%, and daywears make the remaining 12%. Retail lingerie market has grown by $770 million USD. The main concern in the marketing of lingerie's; worldwide, is the fight for market share between the global brands and the retailer's local brands. The leading global key player is Sara Lee, a US based manufacturer who also have a strong hold in the European market. Followed by this are other companies like La Perla, Truimph, Maidenform, VF, and Warnaco. In chain stores, Victoria's Secret of US, Knickerbox of UK, and Hunkemoller of Europe have a whiz market.

The growing appeal of lingerie has driven the market into the designing of innovative products. Retailers concur with the fact that lingerie's have a higher profit margin than any other apparel. Vendors are now concentrating on having coalitions with lingerie specialty stores. A survey states that an average woman buys approximately five lingerie's in a year. It also states that an average woman has six bras and eight pairs of briefs in her wardrobe, which is normally more than what she requires. This implicates that sexy lingerie sales are normally driven by style factors and current fashion more than its need. Growth in the level of disposable income, and increasing number of working women enhance intimate wear sales, and this situation favors the growth of the global lingerie market.

Emma Harris Signature Collection

Emma Harris is a new brand that is most definitely on my lingerie radar right now. Producing everything in-house, from the design creation of the collection, to the patterns, samples & the manufacture, this is a luxury lingerie brand with a difference.

The conception of Emma Harris sexy lingerie began back in 2008 by Claire Emma Harris. Claire designs lingerie boasting beautiful quality, luxury silks and lace, fabulous fit, and high impact designs all in limited order runs and bespoke comissions.

The Signature Collection is flirty and provocative, but with a definite bridal feel. The collection includes a padded plunge bra, ½ padded plunge bra, balcony bra, soft bra, suspender, skirted brief, skirted thong, lace front brief, lace front skinny thong, babydoll, and garter all available in two colours, bridal ivory and vintage rose.

Rethink Your Swimwear Collection With These Statement Picks

Once upon a time there was one archetypal swimsuit for young women to have. Whether it was in a solid print or pattern, you weren't a PYT if you weren't sporting a triangle-top string bikini on the sands or poolside. Causing untold distress to millions of women all over the country, we can breathe a sigh of relief, for times have officially changed.

It started with the tankini, the monokini and has now become a full blown phenomenon for which we're grateful. No longer is one type of suit de rigueur. This season it's definitely time to up your fashion game on the beach by choosing a suit that truly reflects your taste and comfort level. From sexy one-pieces to bustier two-pieces, retro high-waists to sporty neoprene, sexy swimwear has never been so diverse exciting. Check out our picks to inspire your best swim season yet.

Women all over the world wear sexy swimwear of all different styles all year round

Women all over the world wear sexy swimwear of all different styles all year round. Whether at the beach, on a cruise, at a pool party, or relaxing in a jacuzzi, a bikini can make a woman feel and look as sexy as possible. The most sexy beachwear available are bikinis of any style. G-String style bikinis are generally the most sexy. These are ultra-revealing and made available in just about every type of print. Whether a solid colour, animal print, or with a sheer skirt attached, G-string bikinis are growing more and more popular this season, since they are about the most reveling bikini bottoms one can get. Women love them not only because they can make you look ultra sexy and daring, but because you can avoid big tan lines while laying out in the sun.

The best in sexy swimwear are bikinis of any style that best suit your body type. Women with smaller breasts can get padded bikini tops. Women wanting more shape can get under wire bikini tops to give them a little boost. If you are self conscious about your hips or butt, sheer skirts can be added so that you still look sexy but can hide your cellulite in these areas. Bikinis are designed to make women look and feel sexy, so search for a style that really suits your body type. Swimsuits should make you feel comfortable and proud of your body, rather than self-conscious. Confidence is key, but sexy swimwear can help you achieve confidence.

Sexy swimwear is important to show others that you have a great body and are just as worthy of showing it off as any other woman is. You may often see some women at the beach, or even some of your friends, who are completely covered. They might wear a ridiculous pair of knee-length shorts and an over sized t-shirt. Later they'll complain about how they have such bad tan lines. There are many swimwear styles to fit every size and shape. Bikinis can be bought as a set, or you can mix and match a different top and bottom to better suit your needs. Perhaps you want a more revealing top piece, but a less revealing bottom. You can buy a pair of hipster bottoms with a small string bikini top in the same colour or a contrasting colour or style so that it matches.

With summer just around the corner, it's the perfect time to start your search for sexy swimwear and find the best bikinis. The next step is to shed a few of the winter pounds you put on in the last few months so that you're ready to look the sexiest you have in a while!

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