Global Lingerie Market

Global intimate wear market is estimated to be around $29.15 billion USD in 2004, $30 billion USD in 2007, and is further projected to increase at the rate of 9% to become $31.6 billion USD by 2012. Organized players constitute over 40% of the lingerie market currently. Branded lingerie market is further expected by industry experts to see a rise of 25% by 2010. Of the total global lingerie sales, bras account for 56%, briefs at 32%, and daywears make the remaining 12%. Retail lingerie market has grown by $770 million USD. The main concern in the marketing of lingerie's; worldwide, is the fight for market share between the global brands and the retailer's local brands. The leading global key player is Sara Lee, a US based manufacturer who also have a strong hold in the European market. Followed by this are other companies like La Perla, Truimph, Maidenform, VF, and Warnaco. In chain stores, Victoria's Secret of US, Knickerbox of UK, and Hunkemoller of Europe have a whiz market.

The growing appeal of lingerie has driven the market into the designing of innovative products. Retailers concur with the fact that lingerie's have a higher profit margin than any other apparel. Vendors are now concentrating on having coalitions with lingerie specialty stores. A survey states that an average woman buys approximately five lingerie's in a year. It also states that an average woman has six bras and eight pairs of briefs in her wardrobe, which is normally more than what she requires. This implicates that sexy lingerie sales are normally driven by style factors and current fashion more than its need. Growth in the level of disposable income, and increasing number of working women enhance intimate wear sales, and this situation favors the growth of the global lingerie market.



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