Finding sexy panties has never been easier

Finding sexy panties has never been easier. With so many cuts, styles, colours and prints, it could take you all day just to find one! From black stripe thongs to red bikini bottoms and everything in between, you could find anything that fits your personal taste and style. It's fun being able to pick a pair of sexy panties based on your mood or your outfit. The possibilities are endless!

Women's underwear basically breaks down into three main categories:
Briefs - When you picture the typical pair of women's underwear, you are most likely picturing a pair of briefs. These are cut like the bottom of swimsuits. In fact, many briefs are considered to be bikinis, just like swimsuits are. There are a few choices to be made when we purchase briefs, though, including the cut on the thigh and the rise. Low-rise briefs ride below your belly button and can be really sexy panties.

Boy Shorts - Boy shorts are adorable briefs that come in different colours and styles. Usually, they are form-fitting and much, much shorter than real shorts. These sexy panties can come with lace trim and ruffles and many other cutesy patterns that guys and girls both enjoy.

Thongs and G-Strings - The terms "thong" and "g-string" are often used to refer to the same thing, although there is a slight difference. Both types of sexy panties consist of a patch of cloth that covers the front and a narrow strip of fabric that sits between the buttocks. The strip is generally narrower on a g-string than it is on a thong. Many women like thongs because they tend to show less of a pantie line than briefs. Because the buttocks are exposed, many people find them to be very sexy, too.

All of these types of underwear can serve their own purpose and reason. Boy shorts are cute and innocent while g-strings are sexy and racy. Most women tend to stick to what they like depending on the cut and fabric. But your mood for the day can also play a big part on the type of sexy panties you wear underneath it all. Whatever you may choose, it's the confidence that makes the sexy panties especially sexy.



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