So what lingerie suits which shape women

Most women aren't exactly one hundred percent happy with their shape and can be reluctant to wear sexy lingerie as it can be very revealing. But the truth is that sexy lingerie can really improve your shape and make you look fabulous and desirable. Sexy lingerie can also be comfortable and flattering when the correct style and size is chosen.

So what lingerie suits which shape women? Well let's be honest, a larger lady with a heavy bust won't look her best in a tiny g-string and peep hole bra! This doesn't mean that plus size lingerie is boring though, far from it. Steel boned corsets are one of the most popular items of lingerie that a woman can wear. It will flatten the stomach and push up the bust. This type of undergarment will look great under clothes as well as when you are undressed. It will allow you to wear tighter clothing without unsightly bulges as well as let you look great when the clothes come off. It's like you've been on a crash diet and lost a stone! Even if you are not a larger lady then a corset is still a fabulous piece of lingerie. Curvy girls in particular look fantastic in a corset as it really accentuates your natural assets.

Lace top stockings can also cover any areas of cellulite you might not want to show to the world. Coupled with some heels, this can be a killer look regardless of size. The heels will slim down your legs and the dark stockings will make them look slimmer still and longer too. There are so many types of stockings available, nylon stockings with a line down the back, fish net stockings, stockings with tassels, stockings held up by suspender belts and stockings with ribbon round the top. They are beautiful, sensual things that you will enjoy wearing and your partner will enjoy touching.



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