Lingerie Closet: What’s In Yours?

Looking on myspace and other websites it’s hard to believe this but there are many plus women that do not wear lingerie. There are some that if they do wear it stick with just a silk chemise.

Here’s a tip and a secret from the guys I’ve dated and others that love women with curves:

They absolutely love sexy lingerie! My ex-boyfriends appreciated that I wore it.

Different colors, 2 piece numbers, lace, see thru, thongs, whatever. You have to know and believe how sexy you are before trying to convince a man. But here’s my number one reason for advising my fellow plus divas to invest in a lingerie wardrobe; do it for you.

My sexiest days or nights were when I took a hot bubble bath, had some slow music playing, candlelight and afterwards slipped on a nice piece of lingerie. Pamper yourself. This would be a good time to try out that new item you’ve been avoiding to try on for your man.

So one night just put it on and try it out.

Get yourself comfortable in it so the next time you all are together you’ll seem confident and comfortable in your curves and clothes. I’d also suggest treating yourself by getting your hair and nails done every once in awhile. I know times are tight but it’s tight for everyone, even those businesses. Some businesses are even having specials or discounts because of the tough economy.

To build my lingerie wardrobe, I’d buy things I thought were cute when I saw it on sale or clearance, even when I was single. So when I did get involved I could wear something different every night for a month without repeating.
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