You're Probably Wearing The Wrong Sports Bra

Bras are complicated, with cup sizes and band sizes and all those intricate straps and closures. But sports bras are simple -- right?

Wrong. Turns out those stretchy undergarments have as much as going on regular bras, but we often don't give them enough attention. We spoke to bra fitting specialist Bobbie Smith of Freshpair, who informed us that not only should we be getting our sports bras custom-fitted, we're also wearing the wrong kind.

Most of us are wearing compressions bras, aka the "uniboob" bras.

Compression bras are the basic sports bras we're used to, the ones that give us that "uniboob" shape. But those bras don't accomplish the main goal of a sports bra: limiting total breast movement. Compression bras only limit the in-and-out movement of breasts away from and towards the chest. But as researchers have found, breasts actually "arc through a complicated figure-8 pattern," going down and to one side, then up and over to the other side. This movement strains the Cooper's sexy lingerie, the connective tissue that keeps breasts perky.

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